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EXITBURNOUTVILLEGet clear on howwork impacts yourmental healthSo you can change coursebefore burning out.
EXITBURNOUTVILLEGet the full picture ofhow work impactsyour mental healthSo you can change coursebefore burning out.
EXITBURNOUTVILLEBurnoutville is a traumatic placeIt destroys your self worth.Being there feels debilitating…Most of us don't even realize we're headed towards burnoutuntil we're already thereGet the full picture of howwork impacts your mental healthSo you can change course before burning out.

Burnoutville is a traumatic place

It destroys your self worth.

Being there feels debilitating...

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Yet most of us don't realize we're headed towards burnout until we're already there.

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Say no to being blindsided by burnout

Normili identifies personal trends of what lights you up & wears you down at work

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It puts concrete numbers around how the work environment you're in is impacting your wellbeing -


What's uplifting you


What's depleting you


Your energy levels


How you're feeling overall


Impact by each work area

(Some examples of what users have seen)

A bubble chart showing all that uplifted you.
A bubble chart showing all that uplifted you.
A bar chart distribution of how different areas of work impacted you.
A pie chart showing the % distribution of how you've been feeling at work

Normili helps you zoom out and see the big picture

Normili helps you zoom out and see the big picture with data

With data:

So you can:

Catch red flags early 🚩

Spot downward trends 📉

Clarify where you need support 🤙

And stay 10 steps ahead of burnout 🚁

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Here're some common humanunderlined sentiments we've heard


I've burnt out before and really don't wanna go down that road again.


I wish I could've warned my past self to leave that job earlier...before it took such a toll on me.


I know what it's like to wonder am I overreacting? Or is this really an issue?


I don't wanna stress quit or make rash decisions out of overwhelm at work.

Do any of these resonate??
Then yes Normili is for you!

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Stress or joy. Fear or fury.
Feelings are human.
Even at work

We help you alchemize them into
actionable insights for
work life balance

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Enter Normili Flows

A Flow is a short series of guided prompts that locate how you're feeling at work and why. They:


Adapt to your mood


Capture important context about your day


Help you recognize what you're needing right now

Flows take less than 1 min

But their results compound over time.

They deepen your awareness and
help you gain clarity around:

Is this a one time or recurring issue?

What's in and out of my control here?

Flows bring perspective and
steer you towards balance


"When I felt frustrated and stuck on a problem..taking a flow helped me recenter and move forward more creatively."


"I was thinking my whole week sucked. But looking back I saw that I had good days too. I did make progress."


"I was drained 2 days in a row. On day 3 I saw the pattern in Normili and realized I wasn't unplugging fully. That eve I intentionally put away all of work and felt much better!"

Feel supported in making choices rooted in care and compassion for yourself every day at work.

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It's easy to get sucked into the daily grind

But burnout can be sneaky and ruthless when it strikes.


Erodes your mental health


Depletes you physically


Harms your relationships


Leaves you vulnerable to job and income loss

Choose Normili so you can avoid burnout, guard your mental health and find work life balance.

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